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This is hands-down the best report on losing weight effectively and intelligently we have ever come across. This report is much more than a...

Welcome to the first step on your personal journey to discover and live your destiny! In this book you have one of the best and most effective...

Back Pain Guide

Mar 8, 2010

Studies have shown inflammation is the #1 cause of pain in your body. Now, let me make this clear. Inflammation is NOT the underlying cause of all...

Huge, illustrated free ebook that will teach you the basics of reflexology.

A huge ebook full of information on helping colds, the flu, sinus infections and problems and combatting high fevers. It includes recipes,...

Memory, Concentration

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Advanced Memory Techniques

Mar 8, 2008 Clicks: 184

Dementia Caregiving Advice

The main purpose of this book is to help show you ways to cope with your loved one when theyre being particularly challenging in their behaviour. By showing you how to use these coping strategies...
Mar 8, 2010 Clicks: 35

Does Brain Food Really Exist?

Sometimes I live to eat instead of eat-to-live! But, some of the food we eat actually serves medicinal purposes. They can help correct chemical imbalances, restore sleep routines, and even promote...
Mar 8, 2010 Clicks: 88

Improve Your Memory

You know that in order to gain muscular strength you need to exercise, well the same goes for actually increasing your ability to remember things. Your brain needs exercise, as well as being...
Mar 8, 2010 Clicks: 125

Learning to Study Effectively - For Students

Educational leaders are seeing with increasing clearness the necessity of teaching students not only the subject−matter of study but also methods of study.
Mar 8, 2008 Clicks: 174

Natural Help for Alzheimers

People with Alzheimers start out with slight memory loss and often have difficulty learning new tasks or information. As their memory loss progresses, they will begin to forget more important...
Mar 8, 2010 Clicks: 41

Natural Help for Concentration

Concentration is one of the most powerful mental tools - and yet, so few people actually know how to use it to its full potential. Essentially, concentration is the ability to focus and maintain...
May 12, 2008 Clicks: 215

Natural Help for Memory Problems

Controlled by specific areas of the brain, over time there are certain factors which can lead to the brain becoming unable to process or use memory like it used to. This can lead to all kinds of...
Jun 21, 2008 Clicks: 192

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