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Candida is a type of fungus (also called yeast), and is only one of a huge number of micro-organisms that exist in a human body. Normally, in a...

“NO!” “I WON’T” or “ME DO IT!” are common phrases that come out of the mouths of toddlers, who are notorious for resisting reason...

Great ebook full of information and herbal/aromatherapy recipes to help alleviate many common symptoms and ailments of the eyes and ears.

Huge, illustrated free ebook that will teach you the basics of reflexology.


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10 Steps to Better Communication

While there are many factors that are important in the success or failure of a marriage, the ability to communicate with each other is one that stands out head and shoulders above the rest! I...
Mar 7, 2008 Clicks: 121

101 Romantic Ideas

Need to spice up your relationship? Then this ebook is definitely for you!
Mar 8, 2008 Clicks: 111

Divorce Survival - For Men

You have been rejected, and such a blow to a man's emotional equilibrium is just about the most damaging illness you'll ever have to face in your lifetime.
Mar 8, 2008 Clicks: 24

Divorce Survival - For Women

There is no greater emotional pain that can be inflicted than the announcement by your husband that he wants a divorce. Even if both parties have "seen it coming" for some time, and the...
Mar 8, 2008 Clicks: 25

Marriage and Happiness

An impractical idealist lives in the silence with beautiful pictures of "how he desires to be when married." When he gets married there isn't a single detail of his daily experience which is like...
Mar 8, 2008 Clicks: 64

Miscarriage and Your Relationship

Miscarriage can happen to any woman during any pregnancy. It is believed that every woman will have at least one miscarriage during their childbearing years, most without ever knowing that they...
Mar 8, 2010 Clicks: 17

Surviving Divorce

If you are reading this ebook, you have probably been divorced relatively recently - or perhaps you are about to become single again. Many people struggle to adjust to life after divorce and...
Mar 7, 2008 Clicks: 27

The Untrained Man

How untrained men under 35 affect the lives of unsuspecting women.
Mar 8, 2008 Clicks: 60

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