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Holistic Pet Care Info

Feb 21, 2013

Pets need remedies too! Learn how to care for your beloved dogs, cats, horses and other pets naturally, safely and holistically!


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Natural Help for Abrasions

In essence, an abrasion is a ‘scrape’ that happens when the skin is rubbed away and can occur as a result of abrasive material (friction or chaffing from clothes or objects), falling on gravel,...
Dec 15, 2008 Clicks: 46

Natural Help for Burns

When damage to the skin and exposed mucosal surfaces (such as the gullet or airways) are caused by intense heat, boiling water or strong chemicals – we describe this as a burn. While burns are a...
Dec 15, 2008 Clicks: 61

Natural Help for Dog Bite

Many people live by the assumption that their loveable pet would never bite, and we are often very trusting when it comes to our furry four-legged friends. However, dogs, whether we know them or...
Dec 15, 2008 Clicks: 41

Natural Help for Insect Allergies

Many people have allergic reactions when they are stung by insects. Insects such as bees, bumble bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and fire ants have the ability to inject venom into humans and...
Dec 15, 2008 Clicks: 45

Natural Help for Insect Bites

Summertime is that time of the year when you are most likely to be bitten by all sorts of insects. An insect bite is characterized by a small, red lump or raised puncture which causes itchiness....
Dec 15, 2008 Clicks: 59

Natural Help for Shock

The medical term shock refers to the organs and tissues of the body not receiving a sufficient flow of blood. As a result of the imbalance of oxygen supply and demand, a build up of waste...
Oct 18, 2008 Clicks: 49

Natural Help for Wounds

When an internal or external break in body tissue occurs – we term it a ‘wound’. Open wounds (such as cuts from a knife) are breaks in the skin or mucous membranes. Open wounds are most...
Dec 15, 2008 Clicks: 89

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