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How many times have you tried to diet and managed successfully for a few days or even weeks - and then found that your eating has spun out of...

Remedies 4 Immunity

Mar 7, 2008

Collection of natural and holistic remedies for obtaining and maintaining a healthy immune system, including herbal and aromatherapy recipes.

This report is a MUST READ for everyone - it's a lifesaver! With this report we hope to show you the importance of maintaining a healthy...

Holistic Pet Care Info

Feb 21, 2013

Pets need remedies too! Learn how to care for your beloved dogs, cats, horses and other pets naturally, safely and holistically!

This is hands-down the best report on losing weight effectively and intelligently we have ever come across. This report is much more than a...

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New Year New You: Guide to Making Positive Changes

This year, decide that you will change and for the better. What you lacked in years past may just be lurking within the pages of this report. We hope so, because this year we want to see a whole...
Mar 8, 2010 Mental Health Clicks: 30

All About Holistic Alternative Medicine

Comprehensive report on many effective and easy to use natural healing modalities and alternative medicine treatments.
Mar 8, 2010 Healing Modalities Clicks: 222

Dog Health: The Perfect Handbook for Imperfect Dog Owners

Dogs are an integral part of human society on every inhabited continent on Earth. They drive livestock and protect it; police property; scent and detect illicit substances; haul sleds; retrieve...
Mar 8, 2010 Just For Pets Clicks: 24

Natural Help for Matted Hair in Cats

Matted hair is a common problem for many cats and kittens, especially long haired cats such as Persians. Not only are these matted clumps of hair unsightly, they can become quite painful for your...
Mar 8, 2010 Just For Pets Clicks: 13

Natural Help for the Gallbladder

The gallbladder is connected to the liver by the hepatic duct. This pear-shaped organ is small, approximately 3 to 4 inches and about 1 inch wide. It acts as a storage facility for liver bile,...
Oct 18, 2008 Digestive System Clicks: 80

Miniature Schnauzer in Depth Breed Report

The Miniature Schnauzer is undeniably a breed with universal appeal. Skimming through the pages of high fashion magazines like Vogue, ELLE, and Cosmopolitan - you will find photographs of the...
Mar 8, 2010 Just For Pets Clicks: 5

Natural Help for Stress in Horses

Horses, like humans and pets, tend to have a variety of behavioral problems. These behavioral issues may arise suddenly, after a traumatic experience, or may be deeply rooted in the horses psyche...
Mar 8, 2010 Just For Pets Clicks: 10

Natural Help for Anger Management

Dealing with anger positively enables you to put negative emotions into perspective. When you want to let off steam, feel frustrated or upset, there are constructive ways to channel your anger like...
Mar 8, 2008 Stress, Relaxation Clicks: 67

Losing Weight Without Starving Yourself

Inside the pages of this book, well give you all kinds of tips and tricks toward successful weight loss. Well examine some common weight loss myths and even give you some great recipes to try while...
Mar 8, 2010 Diet, Weight Loss Clicks: 82

Natural Help for Pet Depression

Depression in humans is a common mental disorder, but it can affect pets, too! You may have noticed your pets mood and behavior changing when a new pet was introduced to the family or perhaps when...
Mar 8, 2010 Just For Pets Clicks: 10

Natural Help for Separation Anxiety in Dogs

While most dogs may chew a toy or sleep quietly when left alone for a period of time, others may struggle when their owner leaves the house, with rather disastrous consequences. Cats too, while...
Mar 8, 2010 Just For Pets Clicks: 15

Natural Help for Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis is a condition that occurs when sac-like pouches (diverticular) form in the wall of the colon and become inflamed or infected. When stool or food is not broken down, it becomes...
Oct 18, 2008 Digestive System Clicks: 181